The Biggest Problems with Healthy Drink Alternatives




There are some big problems with many of the healthy drink alternatives on the market. To put it another way, many of the drinks you think are healthy may not be or at least not within the circumstances in which you’re consuming them. With that in mind, let’s consider the biggest problems with many of the healthy drink alternatives that are widely available.




1. Not a Water Alternative

The biggest problem with many healthy drinks is that they’re not a water alternative. They can be an alternative to soda, juice or whatever your drink vices are but not water. In fact, if all you drink are healthy drinks and no water, that can actually have a detrimental effect on your diet and overall health.

2. Too Much Sugar

images (3)Healthy drinks will generally contain some sugar. Sugar isn’t inherently bad and is a critical component of any diet. Flavors and sugars that come from natural food sources, such as 100 per cent fruit juices, are ideal. Some companies will include sugars from other sources in order to cut costs. Additionally, some will add entirely too much in order to enhance flavor. Limit sugar as much as possible. Seven teaspoons per ounce is more than enough, and many drinks, including PowerAde and the 100 Plus isotonic drink, have much less than that.

download (2)3. Overloaded with Calories

Another issue with some healthy drink alternatives is that they’re overloaded with calories. A drink that has too much sugar will be high on calories, but there are other ways these drinks contain unnecessary calories. Don’t confuse this with drinks as a meal. A smoothie that serves as your lunch and contains fruits, vegetables and protein is fine, but you have to be wary of liquid calories when that consumption isn’t serving the purpose of a meal.


4. Unnecessary Caffeine

Energy drinks are often confused with healthy drinks, in many cases due to marketing, and that shouldn’t be. Energy drinks aren’t necessarily healthy, and you should be wary of otherwise healthy drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeine isn’t necessarily bad for you, but too much of it is. Therefore, you should never drink it without purpose. If you enjoy coffee in the morning or sometimes want an energy drink, that’s fine, but avoid regular consumption of drinks that contain it.


5. Contain Herbal Supplements

Throughout the world, herbal supplements are largely unregulated. Most of the herbs used in health drinks are perfectly fine for you and may even provide benefits. The problem lies in the challenge of knowing exactly what’s in the drink you’re consuming. Herbs can contain sugars, calories, caffeine and other components that you don’t want but have no way of knowing about without knowing the specifics of the herbal supplement.

download (3)

6. Drinking Healthy

Isotonic drinks that contain just water, electrolytes and flavoring, such as the 100 Plus isotonic drink, are a healthy option. You shouldn’t use them to supplant water in your diet entirely, however, and you should always challenge the ingredients rather than just assume that a healthy drink is actually healthy.



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